Our bar at Steve’s is a hub of activity from lunchtime and into the night. Whether it’s relaxing under the umbrellas on the lawn, or inside seated around the high tables with grazing plates and a drink, Steves offers the perfect place to meet friends or business associates.

From morning to night our restaurant is a constant hive of activity. Whether your day begins with a coffee, relaxing under the umbrellas on the lawn, or ends seated inside the Winestore surrounded by our extensive collection of boutique wines, Steve’s is a sublime place to meet friends and associates.

From snacks and share plates to steak and snapper, we provide a great range of food options for all ages, plus of course a collection of coffees, smoothies, beers, spirits and cocktails for you to enjoy together

Our team of chef’s work diligently and creatively with seasonal ingredients, that have been carefully sourced from the best local suppliers in order to develop dishes that complement the changing seasons. For lunch or dinner throughout the year, when dining at Steve’s, you can be assured of fresh produce, designed, crafted and presented in our inimitable style, with flair and passion. Further, we aim to limit the ‘food miles’ travelled by our ingredients, reducing any carbon footprint on the environment as well as supporting the local producers.

We encourage our creative back-of-house team to stay at the forefront of changing food trends in order to be innovative and imaginative with their dishes. At the same time Steves aims to showcase a flexibility and understanding of individual dietary requirements, by offering a range of dishes that are low GI, low fat, gluten / lactose free or vegetarian. Where possible we will do our best to accommodate the individual requests of our clientele.