POSTED 10th March 2020
Exclusive Caviar Selection Now Available | Limited Time

Caviar has arrived at Steves! Highly exclusive and limited supplies.

Get in fast! Our all new exclusive Caviar Menu has landed at Steves and we have a very limited quantity available. These won’t last long. Choose from Wild Scampi CaviarPolanco Oscietra Grand Reserve, or Black Pearl Stirling White Caviar. All served traditionally on crushed ice with blinis, boiled egg, shallots and crème fraîche.

Ask our staff for the Caviar Menu next time you’re in.


Served traditionally on crushed ice with blinis, boiled egg, shallots, crème fraîche. Ask our Winestore Sommelier for recommended Champagne pairings.

Wild Scampi Caviar
Western Australia // $160 (25g)

Called sapphires of the ocean and harvested from the waters 500 metres deep off Australia’s west coast. These pearls of various shades of blue are rather firm in texture, creating a pop on your palate. Although not as creamy as sturgeon roe as it has a lower fat content, but has a beautiful fresh, rich, ocean flavour. A great addition when paired with our fresh oysters and sashimi specials

Polanco Oscietra Grand Reserve
San Gregorio de Polanco, Uruguay // $150 (30g)

Wild raised sturgeon and traditional dry salted caviar that will guarantee a full character tasting pleasure of complex flavours with a long-lasting buttery and nutty finish on the palate. Bronze and golden-hued, the medium to large eggs offer a delicate texture in your mouth for a unique experience and sensation only genuine caviar can provide. This is one of the world’s most complex caviars.

Black Pearl Stirling White Caviar
Northern California, U.S. // $140 (30g)

Produced from farm-raised white sturgeon native to western North America’s coastal region. It has a rich, clean flavour and no strong aftertaste, comparable with the best Oscietra with ‘a subtle hint of the sea’. Characterised by a larger, firmer bead that bursts with intensely creaminess and headiness that will delight the caviar connoisseur. Colour ranges from jet black, light gray cream, to dark olive and gold.

Please contact us to confirm caviar availability ahead of your booking. To book your table, please contact our functions team
(08) 9386 3336 or email

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