POSTED 9th June 2019
Champagne Tasting Series | Steves Exclusive

Back by popular demand after a sold-out 2018 series! Join us at Steves as we delve deeper into the fascinating world of Champagne through a series of exclusive tasting events designed to further your knowledge and broaden your palate.

Part 1.
“A Journey Through Champagne”
Wednesday, June 5th | 6pm – 8pm

Part 2.
“Purity & Perfection. Exploring Blanc de Blancs Champagnes”
Wednesday, July 3rd | 6pm – 8pm

Part 3.
“Take a Walk on the Dark Side – Understanding the World of Blanc de Noir Champagne”
Wednesday, August 14 | 6pm – 8pm


In part 3 of this series we look at Blanc de Noir, literally meaning “white from black”. A white Champagne elaborated from black grapes? Yes indeed, and although the famous Dom Perignon did not “invent champagne”, he did perfect this method of creating clear white wine from black grapes!

Blanc de Noir Champagnes are made from the two black grape varieties authorised in the region of La Champagne – Pinot Noir and Meunier. These varieties bring their own unique characteristics to the party; intense red fruit aromas, a fruity fleshiness, more structure, body, richness and roundness. Often powerful and regal, sometimes sombre and thoughtful, at other times exuberant and frisky!

Join us as we explore the Dark Side and learn why these grapes have historically been so crucial in traditional Champagne blends, see terroir at play, and discover where a new generation of champagne growers are taking these noble varieties.

Part 4.
“50 Shades of Pink – a Rosé Exposé
Wednesday, September 4th | 6pm – 8pm
More details coming soon.

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