POSTED 29th August 2019
Chef Naomi Bulner Visits our Genuinely Southern Forests

In early May this year, Genuinely Southern Forests hosted a Genuinely Extraordinary Tour featuring 12 of WA’s leading chefs, including our own Naomi Bulner.

Partnering with Buy West Eat Best and getFresh Merchants, the whirlwind tour of Manjimup and Pemberton growers was a fantastic and educational experience showcasing the very best of WA produce and stories from growers in the region.

Here’s what head chef Naomi Bulner had to say.

It was such an inspiring experience meeting these amazing producers. Often quite easily overlooked by the average consumer as to just how tough it is to develop, grow and go to market with even the very best produce in Western Australia.

My main takeaway from chatting with the growers was the amount of wasted crops, the result of a demand for ‘perfect’ produce. Every chef in the group just couldn’t believe the amount of produce going to waste because it’s either not financially viable to harvest or because there just isn’t a market for second grade retail fruit and vegetables.

I think we all agreed that as chefs, everything could be made use of.

After having the opportunity to meet growers from the region, I’m looking forward to playing a part in a bigger solution to avoid waste, yet at the same time showcasing this incredible produce to our own customers at Steves and hopefully instilling a new mindset for consumers.

We can all play our part in changing this industry for the better, so let’s buy ugly and choose bruised! Want to try some of these fantastic ingredients for yourself? Lucky for you… they’re on menu at #StevesNedlands.

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