POSTED 22nd February 2018
5x tips for creating ambience at your next event

Our new functions manager, Melissa, shares her top 5x tips on how to create ambience at your next event. 

Background Music

There is nothing like complete silence during a break in conversation to bring down the mood. Keep it unobtrusive during dinner and conversation, there is always time for dancefloor tunes after dessert. If you are without a DJ and are working from your humble music library, create separate playlists in advance or if you have access to a streaming service like Spotify or Apple Music, other users may have some. But be mindful of appropriateness, its best to avoid songs with explicit language to avoid offending anyone. Some venues have house bands that offer live music which is always a good way to create atmosphere.


A few simple flower arrangements can brighten any room. Keep it simple, and try to keep inline with your venues vibe. Subtle decorations are the perfect statement! Sticking to a colour scheme or theme can help in keeping the décor consistent. If aesthetics isn’t your strong suit, Pinterest is a great source of inspiration! Happy pinning!


Whether it’s Indoor or outdoor, private room or sectioned off area, choosing the right space is crucial for ambiance. Do your research and find a space that suits your specific needs. Ensure you carefully consider the space required, as too much space can be just as bad as too little. If you are planning on utilising a sectioned off area, it would be a good idea to scope out the area around the same time you are planning your event and see if outside noise will be an issue.


It’s true what they say, lighting certainly sets the mood. For smaller more intimate events, low lighting fits the style but for a corporate or formal dinner party your guests will require enough lighting to see the person – or plate – in front of them. Candles can add that extra WOW, but be conscious of having enough light, you don’t want guests using their phones to see their food. Also enquire at time of booking if your chosen venues allows for candles, as not all do.

When it comes time to hit the dance floor tunes start to play, bright lights don’t exactly fit the mood. Become acquainted with your venues lighting system and decide whether you will need to employ external suppliers.

For outdoor events, don’t forget the time of years also dictates when the sun sets, so keep that in mind if you are planning on an evening function.

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