POSTED 7th June 2023
Burn the Bill: Every Saturday Night in July, with Live Music from 7pm

Introducing Burn the Bill by Steves 🔥⁠

Be part of an exciting culinary lottery experience at Steves every Saturday night in June and July. Steves will help ease the winter inflation pain by Burning the Bill for one lucky table.

While you dine, listen to the soulful & sophisticated vocals of two of the most in demand female performers, Nicholette C and Mary Emme, starting at 7pm. 

2. Receipt into Burning Bowl: At 8.00pm, we print all open and unpaid receipts and place them in the ‘Burning Bowl’.⁠

3. The Moment of Truth: One lucky receipt is randomly drawn from the bowl.⁠

4. Burn the Bill: If your receipt is chosen, we will light it up and waive the entire cost of the entire table’s meal and drinks.⁠

To join the fun, reserve your place via the link in our bio.⁠

Terms & Conditions⁠:⁠
– Offer available for tables of up to 6 people (including kids)⁠
– For bookings or walk-ins from 6pm⁠
– Winner drawn at 8.00pm from active, current tables who have yet to pay the bill⁠
– Steves will cover the entire bill of the 1 winning table as it sits at 8.00pm⁠

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