POSTED 13th March 2019
Now Serving Mottainai Lamb at Steves


Mottainai lambs are raised on the coastal plains of Lancelin, Western Australia where ancient limestone sands meet the rugged outback. They are being hailed by chefs around the world as some of the best lamb every produced.

From our head chef, Naomi Bulner… “We are very excited to be one of the few venues in Perth able to bring this amazing product to our customers. The flavour, texture and marbling is unlike anything I have ever had the pleasure of eating or cooking. The passionate work from Suzannah Moss-Wright and the Mottainai team have produced not only a luxury brand, but also a sustainable one that we are proud to be partnered with at Steves.”

Mottainai Lamb is different. Carrot pomace (the by-product from juicing), unsaleable carrots, green carrot leaf and sedimentary olive oil are all carefully collected and blended with 20% lupins, barley hay, wheat, minerals and vitamins for an enriching and nutritionally balanced diet. The result itself is sustainably produced, superior marbled lamb meat that is a great source of Omega-3 fats; perfect for health-conscious diners but also in keeping the lamb incredibly tender during cooking. It presents a unique opportunity for our chefs to design and work with top-class signature dishes.

Mottainai Lamb is simply in a class of its own. Pure luxury – and one that Steves is excited to bring on as the official lamb of our a la carte menu! Head on down and try it today. Only at #StevesNedlands

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