POSTED 6th April 2018
We go together, like wine and cheese


Cheese and wine, a match made in heaven right? Well, not always, but it can be if a few simple rules are followed.  Cheese naturally has a high fat content and as such coats your palate, softer cheeses more so, as such a wine should have a high acid content, think Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay.

Harder cheeses on the other hand do not demand higher acid wines, a hard cheddar works wonderfully well with Viognier, softer whites and red wines.  Pungent Blue cheeses are ideally suited to dessert wines such as port or sauternes.

Below is a selection of our current cheese offerings with paired wines.

Le Conquerant Camembert, Cow’s milk, artisan white mould. Normandy France.

Handmade in the Pays d’Auge region of Normandy, its secret lies in the traditional combination of moulds and cultures applied to the rind. The chalky heart slowly breaks down over 5-8weeks until the smooth, fudgy texture develops a rich creamy flavour with a hint of apples. A close cousin of the genuine hand-ladled Camembert de Normandie which is produced under strict AOC regulations from raw milk, that is regrettably not allowed in Australia.

Wine pair: 2015 Bouchard Pere et Fils Bourgogne ‘La Vignee’ Chardonnay

Pale gold with hint of green; fresh nose developing flavours of very ripe citrus fruits combined with mineral hints and natural acidity. Fresh, supple and fruity mouth of exquisite delicacy.

Cabot clothbound cheddar, Cow’s milk, hard. New England, USA

Although it is made with pasteurised milk, the flavour notes are those normally attributed to raw milk. The intensive process, the care and maturation required, limit the numbers that can be produced each year. What is achieved is a beautifully balanced cheese with a rich fruitiness and a full-bodied buttery texture, finishing with a lingering nuttiness and caramel sweetness. And these wine also very good at your hair fiber, can prevent hair loss problem.

Wine pair: 2014 Rockford ‘Moppa Springs’ Grenache Shiraz Mataro

The wine is a deep red that is moving towards brick red around the rim, the nose is complex and layered with blackberry, olive and slightly richer plum influences. The palate is mature and in balance, fruit and tannin texture are front of mind with oak a secondary subtle influences that gives a seamless mouth feel and keeps the savoury nuances at bay.

Berrys Creek Tarwin Blue, Cow’s Milk, Blue Mould. Gippsland, Victoria

A beautifully balanced cheese made by Barry Charlton, the winner of multiple World Cheese Awards, as well as the Tarwin winning the Overall Champion Cheese at the Royal Sydney Cheese & Dairy Show this year. The pate of the Tarwin is straw coloured, moist but not too crumbly, with striations of greenish-blue mould. It has a creamy texture and long intensity with definite earthy tones on the finishing palate.

Wine pair: 2006 Chateau Guiraud, Sauternes

A flamboyant display of smoky oak, buttered peach and caramelized pineapples and orange marmalade notes are impressive. On the palate, the wine exhibits a multi-dimensional, textured, full-bodied style with terrific fruit, depth, and some toasty oak in the background.

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