POSTED 24th July 2020
Unveil your dark side with Asahi Super Dry Black | Now on tap

Japan’s number one lager has returned to the taps at Steves!

Brewed like a traditional lager, Asahi Super Dry Black (5.5% ABV) uses the iconic no. 318 yeast of the original Super Dry but achieves a deeper, darker appearance and flavour through the addition of roasted malt.

With its dark, velvety good looks, you might expect this black beauty to be full-bodied and heavy like a dark ale, in fact it couldn’t be more different.

Unlike a traditional stout or porter, Super Dry Black is easy-to-drink and maintains the dry, crisp, refreshing flavour of Asahi Super Dry, derived from the addition of rice.  Its clean lager taste imparts a deeper sweet nuttiness and rich, smooth flavour.

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